Our approach

The pillars of our project are psychomotricity, respectful parenting and music.

Based on the relational psychomotor approach, we understand that children use their bodies to communicate their emotions and needs. Using their bodies, they discover their surroundings, get to know themselves and learn to respect themselves and others.

We use observation as the main tool for accompanying children, because we feel that through observation of children’s play we can understand their authentic needs, both individually and as a group. In this way, we can adapt to them as much as possible and offer the most suitable proposals and materials for their development.

We offer a place for play and movement where we want to ensure that music is always present in some way, either as a part of our little rituals using instruments, singing and dancing, or in stories or invented songs we we sing.

We are also very careful with the materials we use, always aiming to use the most natural and less structured materials possible.

We want Berimbau to be a rich and diverse space that represents the diversity of the neighbourhood it is in.

The languages ​​that we speak in Berimbau are mainly Catalan and Spanish.

Portuguese and English are also present, both in stories and songs, as well as to communicate with children who have these languages ​​as their mother / father language.

We also use English and Portuguese in our stories and songs, as well as to communicate with the children who speak these languages at home.